All sessions will include a brief health history intake. You are requested to arrive ten minutes early for your first visit. This additional time is required for in-depth health history intake and communication about goal expectations. Records and any information shared during treatment sessions are confidential.

Full payment is expected at the end of each session. I accept cash, personal checks and credit/debit cards via Square. Tips are not expected but appreciated. Receipts will be given as needed for insurance purposes. I do not accept insurance assignment and will not file a claim.

All sessions are by appointment only. For an appointment, call or email at 336.239.5244 or use the Contact Me page.

Late Arrival- If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will need to call or email to reschedule that appointment as our therapist are on site by appointment only.

*  Cancellation Policy-  We do require Credit Card information when booking an appointment. Cancellations and rescheduling must be made with 24 hour notice or you may be charged the value of the missed session. This policy applies for anyone using a promotional voucher.  We honor the time of our therapists as well as our clients. Sessions begin and end at scheduled times and will be charged according. Contraindications such as first trimester pregnancy and colds, flu and other illnesses possibly harmful to the client or to the therapist may preclude completion of the session; I will not be held responsible for refusing treatment.